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Online Internship at Kshitizz NGO.

About the internship

This internship is a purely research based programme, where the interns shall be required to research and develop on a given topic, by critically analyzing the same.

i. This programme shall be revolving around the themes of public health, public education and environmental issues, mainly.

ii. The interns shall be required to draft RTIs to be filed at the appropriate authorities.

iii. The interns shall also be required to make videos on the topics allotted, which may be used to create public awareness; about various emerging issues under the said themes.

Who can apply?

This internship is open for all the law students and the slots are limited to five only. Applicants with proficiency in MS- Word and online databases shall be preferred.

Application procedure

The interested applicants are required to send their CVs along with a statement of purpose (SOP) to, latest by 20th of April, 2020.

Duration of the internship

The minimum period of the internship is three weeks and the maximum period is four weeks.

Perks of the internship

The interns will be issued the certificate upon the successful completion of the internship. Further, they will be given the membership of the NGO for one year, which will increase their practical exposure, enriching their experiences. They may become the full-time members of the NGO, based on their interest, later.

Contact information

For any further information, kindly drop a mail to or contact Ujjwal Ashutosh (8002949735; 8688770152)

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