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“Healthy environment leads to a healthy mind.”

In the era of combating open defecation we came across the major issue of safe disposal of used sanitary napkins. On further research, we came across the scheme where government is establishing incinerators for the safe disposal of sanitary napkins. Under this scheme, we got one such incinerator installed in a nearby Government Girls School called Kasturba Girls High School, where around 600 girls are residing and studying. This would lead to the safe disposal of a major amount of sanitary napkins that is generated as waste in that particular school.

Another initiative taken by the team was for the safe disposal of plastic in our surroundings. We had collaborated with the Gram Panchayat, Sabbavaram and had taken the initiative known as “My Waste, My Responsibility” i.e. “Naa chetta - Naa badyata”. This scheme was basically implemented in order to make the public aware about the plastic waste generated and to keep a check on it, to make our environment plastic free. The initiative also tried to create awareness for the segregation and proper disposal of solid and liquid wastes.



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