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Hostis Humani Generis-III

If you haven’t read the book titled, “Fault in our stars” by John green; watch the English movie by the same name. If you haven’t watched the movie; just go and watch its Bollywood remake, by the name ‘Dil Bechara’. For someone who has read the book or has watched either of the movies; would know what topic is being talked about. It is CANCER. This age-old disease is certainly an enemy of humankind. It has shattered many lives, ruined the hopes of many others and snatched away from people their purpose of living. Many wonderful human beings have been lost to this disease. And it is highly important that we jointly fight this disease, for the good of the entire humankind. Given the different kinds of cancer, ranging from the ones affecting the skin to blood; there is an imminent danger of this disease and everyone is under a constant threat of developing it. One need not have to do something to get it; people with perfectly balanced and healthy lifestyles may develop it out of nowhere and many with odd habits might simply never get it. Considering the unpredictability of the disease; there must be a war against it. People must realize that diseases like these are formidable foes of the human kind and measures must be adopted to fight them, rather than fighting one another. The constant human conflict is one of the reasons for development of such diseases. The kinds of weapons and chemicals used for causing mass human destruction lead to diseases like cancer. As humans, are we so inhumane to cause diseases to others which are extremely painful? Or should we all join hands to emancipate human beings out of such diseases?

If a cancer patient, who had been counting his days on the earth, could be a source of hope, love and happiness to another cancer patient; can the healthy human beings not make a simple effort to make the lives of these suffering people, a little less miserable? Just, reflect.

Well, I urge everyone to read the story or watch the movie and I am sure something will change within you. Let’s fight cancer with positivity. Let this enemy be made powerless. Let there be hope in the lives of those who are fighting dreadful battles. Let’s make their lives a bit more livable.

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