Hostis Humani Generis-II

Hostis humani generis literally means enemies of mankind. Initially it was a legal concept wherein slavery, piracy etc. fell under its ambit. Though traditionally, the concept was such; the identified areas are not the only enemies of mankind. Humanity has been failed on various grounds and all of those are the enemies of mankind. One among such enemies is inequality.

India as a nation has the lengthiest constitution which has provisions for non-discrimination, equality etc. The UN has also ratified conventions for non-discrimination and equal treatment of people, of all nations, races, colours, classes etc. Despite the presence of these national and international instruments; inequality is highly prevalent in the society. People are subjected to discrimination on various grounds at various instances. And of all kinds of discriminations, the one based on someone’s sexuality is the most pathetic. People who identify themselves as gays, lesbians, bisexuals etc. are looked down upon by their peer groups, colleagues, teachers and their own parents as well. Parents of these children, consider them to be socially deviant and think that social conditioning would get them back onto the correct track. The age-old idea is that one can’t like or get attracted to someone of the same gender. Due to their sexuality, these people are pushed away from the society; they get ridiculed and lose out on friends eventually. It is sad that the society in general is abhorrent of such a natural thing. Imagine one being shunned from the society just because he is a man who is attracted towards a woman- how would it feel? Terrible, right.

If the same treatment could make you feel terrible, how do you consider it fine, when someone else is being treated that way, just because he is attracted towards someone of his kind... It is high-time that the society in general and the close relatives in particular change their attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community. All of them are humans and deserve to be treated properly. It might not seem normal now; but that’s no standard of considering it ‘incorrect’.

This June, support someone in facing the world. Help them be their original selves. Make them feel proud of themselves. Let the inequality, perish!

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