We aim to spread our vision and campaign among the masses. We strive to bring back public education; public health and environment back on track and start a nation-wide revolution by the year- 2025.  To spread the motto of our NGO and to accomplish this revolution it is important if we get in touch with the mass and convey our vision and working. Digitalisation has made our work more convenient and through social media we will strive to reach the masses, spread awareness, compassion. We will adopt Kalahani District of Odisha and make it a symbol of Development without deprivation. We will protect Nature,Channelise farming/cattle bearing and develop Public Health and Public public Education there.For it the campaign name will be a bit local i.e. “Kshitizz Jan Jan Tak”. It will be the task of Yashi Shrivastava (Campaign Manager) to manage the campaign, handle Whatsapp group of Kshitizz Jan Jan Tak and promote our Instagram & Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter along with the campaign or projects we are running. Members for Mission Kalahandi will be required to promote those things on their respective social media handles.

Members Of our organisation for Mission Kalahandi (Odisha) are:-

  1. Kanika Parmar                       

  2. Shaikh Afzal              

  3. Ranjan

  4. Laxmi Mounica                      

  5. Alok vats                                

  6. Adarsh

  7. Shalini Singh,Jhansi               

  8. Anurag                                   

  9. Navya

  10. Siddhi Mundra                       

  11. Arun Pratap Singh                 

  12. Priyanka Shiva

  13. Utkarsh Pandey         

  14. Chandan                                 

  15. Shivam

  16. Kriti Sehgal                            

  17. Guru charan Reddy   

  18. Sumit

  19. Sweta Satpathy                      

  20. Durgesh Pradhan

  21. Yaman Khandelwal               

  22. Harshit Malviya

  23. Priyanka Shiva                       

  24. Hemanth Kumar Sunny

  25. Abhipsa Mohanty                  

  26. Jhansi

  27. Archita                                               

  28. Keshav Baheti

  29. Vanya Srikant                        

  30. Kshitij

  31. Ritu Sharma                           

  32. Meghna Dulla

  33. Sweta Satpathy                      

  34. Prantik Mukharjee

  35. Yaswanth Ram                       

  36. Pranjali Pandya

  37. Sneha Singh                           

  38. Manok Makireddy

  39. Abhishek Singh                      

  40. Rajesh Peddibhotla



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